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On this page, you have a summary of the content available on this website. All of these resources will help you choose the right WooCommerce web hosting and manage your store well. Likewise, these resources will help you identify the right WooCommerce web hosting plan that meets your expectations.

You will therefore have access to the methods for choosing your WordPress web hosting plan. Then, the essentials for installing WooCommerce on a WordPress installation will be detailed. Then comes the step of setting up security and SEO for your website. These are two important elements, but sometimes overlooked and ignored by webmasters. We therefore explain how to proceed on your e-commerce store with WooCommerce.

If you ever want to change your hosting plan or web host, you’ll need to migrate your entire store to another host. The WooCommerce resources available in this site will help you make it happen easily.

To learn more about the WooCommerce ecosystem, here are some articles comparing WooCommerce to other online store CMS like PrestaShop and Magento. In addition, we have found some very useful and most of the time free plugins for you to download from the WooCommerce marketplace.