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WooCommerce security

Woocommerce security

The excitement of getting your WooCommerce store online can quickly make you forget to secure it. However, many shops suffer from hacking and lose the trust of their customers. In order not to fall into the trap, we recommend that you apply these few tips to improve the security of your WooCommerce store.

How to secure your WooCommerce Store

Use secure usernames and passwords.

Your identifiers make the door and key to your house. If you use a screen as a door and just a latch, there’s a good chance you won’t find anything in your house when you return. The same goes for the identifiers of the administration area of ​​your store. Secure identifiers will therefore meet the following criteria: unique, robust with various characters, not guessable and long enough.

Use two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is an additional security measure to protect access to your store’s administration area. It is even an effective block against a type of cyber attack called brute force attacks. Several plugins allow you to add this functionality to your store.

Use https

Natively, WooCommerce supports the https protocol. However, you should install an SSL certificate on your installation which will enforce this extra security on your WooCommerce. Thanks to the SSL certificate and the HTTPS protocol, communications between your WooCommerce hosting server and your visitors’ devices are encrypted. Consequently, a malicious person will not be able to intercept and understand the exchanged message.

Save your site regularly

Despite all the security measures that can be implemented on a system, no system is completely and completely secure. Regular backups will provide an extra layer of security for your WooCommerce store. Indeed, if you make backups regularly enough, you can quickly return to a clean version of your store without losing too much data.

Choose the right web host

Although web hosts promise a lot of wonders, they are not all created equal. The best web host is the one who has a genuine concern for the service provided and for these customers. It will therefore ensure the security of its servers, the availability of the most recent software, and the availability of support for its customers if necessary.