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Free WooCommerce theme

Free woocommerce theme

What theme to use for WooCommerce

These days almost every website has an associated online store. This has the advantage of being able to quickly convert simple visitors into potential customers. Among the different aspects of a store that inspire customer engagement, the perfect, evocative, and attractive design is not the least. As a result, if you use WooCommerce and WordPress, you have the advantage of having a multitude of themes available for your store, many of which are free. To save you time, you will certainly find in our selection the ideal WooCommerce theme for you and in addition free.

To make the most of these themes, it will be necessary to choose a powerful WooCommerce web hosting.

EightStore Lite

As a free WooCommerce theme, EigthStore Lite will provide your store with a colorful, well-structured and very visual design. Its sophisticated look will also give another charm to your site for the happiness of your visitors. On the other hand, it allows the integration of YouTube videos. It also offers a fully responsive design whose home page offers a high level of customization.


Hestia allow you to create the site that you always wished you had. First of all, this is a multipurpose theme, that is, intended for any type of website. In addition, for your store this free WooCommerce theme has only good surprises. It offers a simplified but attractive design to offer your products well. Likewise, it integrates Sendinblue to allow you to stay in touch with your customers.


This theme will allow you to quickly create your site. Everything is done to grab the attention of visitors, including a very large header image that can be replaced by a video if necessary. Likewise, you have the possibility to customize this theme by changing the colors of the fonts and other options in order to have a store in your image.