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Woocommerce web hosting

Woocommerce web hosting

Have you heard of WordPress? If so, you’ve probably heard of WooCommerce, the ideal WordPress extension for quickly building an online store. When it was created in the early 2000s, WordPress was primarily intended for the rapid creation of blogs. But it has changed a lot since then as it allows you to create any site on the account of its many extensions including WooCommerce. If you are planning to create a store with WooCommerce, know that its success does not stop with the content of your store but the Woocommerce web hosting you’ll choose for your store will have a major role. We explain everything to you in this article.

What web hosting you can choose for WooCommerce

The answer to this question is essential to ensure that you have an available store, quality service and an excellent experience for your visitors. Determining the right web hosting for WooCommerce is also like finding the server where to install your WooCommerce. The goal is to find the best deal to host WooCommerce that suits your store’s needs. First, several criteria must be considered:

  • The load of your e-commerce site. These are the constituents of your website, including the plugins and themes used, the number of products in your store, other addons. First of all, not all plugins and themes are the same. A backup plugin obviously requires more server resources than a form plugin for example. Thus, these elements will play on the needs of your website.
  • The expected or estimated traffic. An e-commerce site that receives a high number of visitors implies a successful store. However, the more the number of visitors increases, the more the initial WooCommerce hosting will no longer be able to meet the requests of these visitors on the server.
  • Bandwidth. It is related to the amount of data transferred between your visitors’ devices and your WooCommerce store’s hosting server. If you especially use images that are not optimized for your store, these will generate a large volume of transferred data.

Types of web hosting

By taking into account the rating parameters mentioned above, you will be able to determine the accommodation that is right for you among these large groups. Note that these are only web hosting types. Each web host assigns specific characteristics to its own plans which will also have to be evaluated for your needs.

  • Shared hosting. Your store shares a single server with other customers allowing you to significantly reduce the cost of hosting your WooCommerce store. However, this hosting is done at the cost of limited performance and high risk of downtime
  • Dedicated hosting. Your store is hosted on a server. All the costs associated with operating the server are yours, but you get a very high level of performance guaranteed.
  • VPS hosting. Your store still shares a server with other customers, but the number is considerably reduced compared to shared hosting. Each highly separate client account acts as a dedicated server. It is therefore an intermediate solution in terms of costs and performance.