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WooCommerce installation

Woocommerce installation

WooCommerce is a very popular WordPress plugin. Actually, many WooCommerce users are unaware that there are other WordPress plugins that provide a similar result. So if you have opted for WooCommerce to set up your online store, it is necessary and even essential to opt for an adequate hosting. The right WooCommerce web hosting is the one that guarantees availability, speed and reliability. Especially since, WooCommerce overloads and slows down WordPress the larger the store is. On optimal web hosting, we guide you through the WooCommerce installation procedure.

WooCommerce installation via WordPress

Installing WooCommerce means you have WordPress already installed on your hosting plan or server. Ideally, make sure to always have your WordPress and all other plugins up to date.
Like other WordPress plugins, installing WooCommerce is simply done from the WordPress dashboard. In the WordPress plugins section, you can find, select and install WooCommerce. Then, a WooCommerce setup wizard will give you the opportunity to do some preliminary and basic setup.

The preliminary setup includes entering basic information about your store, choosing payment methods, choosing shipping options and some additional settings including some add-ons. You can then set up WooCommerce security.

Uninstalling WooCommerce

Unlike installing WooCommerce, to fully uninstall WooCommerce requires you to enter code. In fact, the procedure follows two steps. A first step to remove the extension and its files. To achieve it, just access WooCommerce from the dashboard and uninstall.

After this step, the settings, orders, products, pages and others related to WooCommerce still remain in the database. They are removed entirely by modifying the wp-config.php file before removing WooCommerce.