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WooCommerce vs Magento

Woocommerce vs magento

Creating an online store without knowing about web programming is now a simple task for everyone. Many platforms exist on the market, among which Woocommerce and Magento. These solutions have the same objective, which is simplifying the creation of an e-commerce site. However, their differences set them apart and make them suitable for distinct purposes. We update these differences in our WooCommerce vs Magento comparison.

Differences between WooCommerce and Magento

WooCommerce vs Magento: Pricing

One of the main similarities of WooCommerce and Magento is their price. It should be noted that Magento has a Community version and an Enterprise version. In their open source versions, WooCommerce and Magento are completely free. Just log on to their official website to download the installation files for each solution. Then acquire web hosting from a good web host where you can install it and start building your website. You will therefore notice that the difference in cost lies in the choice of your web hosting plan.

Since these are two solutions for creating e-commerce stores. Therefore, it’ll require more efficient web hosting than a traditional website: blog, showcase site. However, WooCommerce is based on WordPress which is relatively lighter than Magento. Therefore, hosting Magento will require more efficient web hosting and therefore more expensive. So when it comes to budget, the WooCommerce vs Magento comparison will give WooCommerce the advantage if you have a small budget.


In this WooCommerce vs Magento comparison, we will consider addons, extensions and themes as features. Likewise, we will assess their impact on the performance of the whole. Magento is a very scalable solution, suitable for stores that grow very quickly. Likewise, it natively integrates basic functionalities that are very useful for online stores such as PayPal payment methods. WooCommerce for its part provides many themes and plugins to customize your store. Payment methods can also be added using the appropriate plugins.

WooCommerce vs Magento : Ease of use

Another important point of comparison WooCommerce vs Magento is the ease of use of each. Getting started with a solution will determine the time needed to actually start your website creation project. The steeper the learning curve, the longer it will take you to start your project. However, appreciating the cushioning of this learning will determine whether it is worth it. WooCommerce is based on WordPress and therefore enjoys its advantages including being an easy to use platform, even for beginners. On the other hand, Magento is intended more for developers and anyone who has a certain base in web development.

In conclusion, Magento is better suited to the needs of a commerce site for a large structure and WooCoommerce is suitable for the needs of small projects. Our WooCommerce vs PrestaShop comparison will definitely help you choose the best platform for you.